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Speaking of professional stuff, are you going to BEA? Do Canadians do BEA or do they have their own?

I’m not sure. Book Expo America?  I guess we have some similar things, but I’ve never heard of any canadian librarians going to that - it’s possible that libraries with more money would send someone, because it looks super cool.  We do go to things like ALA and CLA and other professional conferences.

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why don’t you try and go into the no-clients area of library work, like circulation management etc.? or reserves specialist? academic libraries also involve A LOT fewer tiny humans.

i don’t have academic experience, only public. I’ve applied to some academic libraries in the past but no luck.  I’m hoping that once I’ve been in this job for another year I’ll have enough experience under my belt that I can do more than take the job that hires me - I can choose what I apply to.

Part of me thinks I should get right out of the field entirely, though I’d love to work on some special projects in data management or electronic resources.  I’m so sick of helping stupid people, to the point where even if the question they ask isn’t stupid, I’m sick of it.  I have no idea how to reconcile that, because I really hate helping people I don’t know (though apparently I’m good at it) but that’s all public librarian work is.

I’m sorry, I’m feeling off and bitter today.

I need to figure out the professional upgrading I need to do to get the hell out of public libraries and into something where I don’t have to deal with people as often.



I’m laughing so hard because this is Holland and Hoechlin’s faces right after Sterek is mentioned.


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these two are writing a sterek fic. no one can convince me otherwise.

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One of the things I noticed about BiteCon was how often I acutely realized my age.  By that I mean I rarely felt 28, and I knew the fact that some of the people around me were younger or older than I am, but it was never a big deal because we were all equally screaming over Teen Wolf, and I think that’s beautiful ;)


Librarians, man.

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Eaddy Mays interacting with fans
BiteCon 2014: Day 2

YAY!  tifferini you’re wonderful !!  Thanks for taking the time to capture and post these.  And thank you for giving me permission to re-post ‘em.  Crazy great quality photography, too.  Very impressive.  If anyone knows the tumblr, twitter, or even and irl name for any of the folks pictured, let me know, please so I can say “hi.”

Meanwhile, I thought I would add a caption about one or two of the pix….

1)  with mini-me!  I’m so pleased there’s a picture of us, too, wolftraps . You were rockin’ those shoes!  Good thing I couldn’t squeeze my boats in ‘em or you’d have gone home barefooted ;D and you did a terrific job making that skirt, btw (ps: the one like it that I wore in the show was from The GW Boutique aka Goodwill - lol.  I wore it to set and Barbara said I could wear it as wardrobe!  Yay!  I still have that skirt.  One of my favs.)

There wasn’t a ton of cosplay that I saw that weekend, so to have someone want to be Victoria, is a HUGE honor.  I LOVED it.  Thank you Thank you.

2)  BHAHAHA!!  You Wolfies were Heeelarrrious!  Your reactions in this photo are priceless!!  I innocently came out to hold the mic for questions and wanted to sit during your answers, but there was no room.  The poor girl pictured herein light-heartedly patted her lap for me to sit thereon…apparently never dreaming I would be so audacious.  I think she knows better now! …lol.  

What you may not know is that once I plopped myself down, she muttered, “Oh my god, I’m having a heart attack!”  To which I whispered, with feigned indignation, “Is that a FAT joke?!”  She turned Beacon Hills maroon and we all laughed.  (ps:  I didn’t put all my weight on you!  We can all be a little self conscious sometimes!)

3)  What was the question you asked??!  I forget now :(  Please forgive me.  Someone remind me, if you know.  I love that  captured my enjoyment of this question :)

4)  This question was for me.  I said I would write a fic in reply (because I didn’t want to monopolize that panel) it was about my/Victoria relationship with Kate.  If you ask me the question again here on tumblr, I’ll write it.  Glad this picture reminded me :)  

Thanks again, everybody.  I’m still buzzing with the joy of it all.  


….Eaddy Mays


Eaddy Mays interacting with fans
BiteCon 2014: Day 2
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“So since someone already chose the one I was originally going to pick..."Last for the Stargate AU"”

I was actually fleshing out a scene I’ve shared a bit about already.

He wasn’t admiring it because it was pretty, though it was, he was looking for ways to shut it off.  It wasn’t exactly practical if every time they came through the gate they had to answer a series of seven questions just to get through the door.  There had to be a way to expedite it.

Stiles was considering this as the light pulsed, running through the spectrum of colours visible to the human eye before it flashed an intense, blinding white.

It was over in a second, but by the time they all blinked halos of light out of their vision, Miles was gone.  There was an ominous dusting of ash around the podium, and it didn’t take much of imagination to come to a conclusion.

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:0( but *I* liked you without chocolate…

that’s all that matters, then.

“POV - RDH, if you please.”

  • POV — something that’s already happened, retold from another character’s perspective

You haven’t seen this scene yet, but I think you’ll appreciate this from Stiles’ POV

Stiles was nervous.  Terrified.  He could feel the palms of his hands sweating.  He could feel the beat of his heart as it pushed blood through his body, sending oxygen to his stressed limbs.  He was shaking slightly with nervous energy, his foot tapping against the cobblestone tiles of the patio.  Lydia Martin was across from him, but he couldn’t even focus on the words she was saying.

He was about to meet Derek Hale again.

He had no idea why he was so nervous.  This was Derek.  Derek.  Derek, the guy he had an instant, almost violent dislike towards right from the beginning.  Derek, the guy who asked him out, and who Stiles had turned down.  Derek, the one Stiles had stuck his neck out to defend.  He thought it might have been out of guilt at the time, but Stiles was starting to think that wasn’t true.

Derek was also the person Stiles had been emailing for the last month, and it should be surprising to him to learn that, but it wasn’t because some part of his brain realized that the clues were all there.  This Derek, the one he’d met over email, was exactly the Derek that everyone else seemed to see from the beginning.  He was funny and self-effacing.  Genuine.  Earnest.  Slightly awkward.

And Stiles had liked him instantly.

He was so blind.  So, so blind.  How had he not seen all those qualities right from the beginning?  How had he gotten Derek Hale’s character so wrong?

Stiles looked up from his conversation, subtly looking around the room like he had been for the last hour.

There he was.  Derek Hale, and looking at him directly was so painful, because Derek was…

Derek was…

wonderful, and Stiles was the world’s hugest asshole for not realizing it before now.

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